Tour 2020 – Ride 4 Help

Dear cycling enthusiasts

The Ride 4 Help Tour 2020 takes place on August 23-29. Hopefully the worst phase of the pandemic should be over in most countries, the first borders are opened and the various restrictions are gradually relaxed and, as things stand, nothing stands in the way of organizing the tour.

This year the tour is even more important than in previous years. Hunde für Handicaps e.V. The people we are supporting with our charity tour are all part of the so called ‘high risk group’ and they have to take special care of themselves, which means very limited social contact – in this situation a guide dog means even more to them. Also, the general level of donations has dropped significantly for organizations such as Hunde for Handicaps e.V., and other similar organizations around the world, which makes it even more important to find ways to motivate people to donate. Our International Charity Cycle Tour “Ride for Help” would clearly be a great enabler.

Of course, when organizing the tour, we will pay particular attention to the development of Covid-19. This applies above all to the associated regulations, so that the risk is absolutely minimized for all participants.

Since there is currently hardly anything that can be planned, one or the other will still be uncertain about booking. That is why we have agreed with Champions Training that a free cancellation without reason is still possible until July 23, 2020 and that any cancellation caused by Covid-19 can be canceled at any time free of charge.

We hope that we take this into account and that you would like to register for the Ride for Help 2020 . There is still enough time to get into training and get fit and it is good for you in the current situation and later for our fundraiser.

We hope that your interest has been piqued again and we look forward to your booking on the Champions Training website decides.

Here are the most important points:

Es ist die 16. Auflage der Spendentour Ride for Help

  • Ride for Help is a donation tour with which we want to motivate others to donate through our athletic performance.
  • In Germany we support dogs for handicaps e.V. and SOS Children's Villages with the donations
  • Ride for Help 2020 will take place from August 23-29, 2020 across three countries - Austria, Switzerland, Italy
  • The tour is organized and responsible through champions training
  • The participation fee is € 1139 (for your own arrival, 6 nights in a double room, meals, support vehicle)
  • More information and booking on: https: //www.champions-training. de / sportreisen / 3_laender_tour /